The Jig is up!

Before starting the Pakistan compound project I had completed an Afghanistan compound based terrain set to play out some of the events leading up to Operation Neptune Spear.

I started with some great MDF buildings off eBay which I extended with a couple of buildings of my own design and a set of compound walls. These walls were made from a double thickness of 3mm MDF textured with DAS modelling clay and a sand/PVA mix.

What I learnt from this was that I favour PVA to glue the MDF but it takes a while to cure and gluing an end of MDF to a base and keeping it all straight was a royal pain.

For the compound in Pakistan I decided to cut a corner and make the walls from a single 3mm thickness. This is cheaper and lighter to transport, and at a scale thickness of 17cms the look my walls wasn’t too far out.

A single thickness would be an even bigger pain to glue accurately so I decided to make a set of jigs to hold parts square whilst the PVA glue cured.

Magnetic corner jigs and jigs to hold walls perpendicular to bases whilst the PVA cures
These jigs center the wall on the base and hold it vertical whilst the PVA cures.
A combination of magnetic corner jigs to hold the corners square and lined up and the wall jigs to keep the building walls vertical.

The jigs helped make the build a much easier process.

Next time… The Walls go Up!

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