The walls go up!

With the bases for all of the walls and buildings traced at scale size from the satellite map of the compound I had to start laying out the cuts for the walls.

The heights of the various walls are well documented in articles like this:

A simple scaling calculation gave me the height of the walls and I was able to lay out the walls in Corel Draw to drive the laser cutter.

The nature of the triangular jigs is they hold the walls vertical and centre the walls on the base. The jigs at each end hold the wall perpendicular to the end and are pushed in so as the wall is flush with the base.

As the build took shape it became clear that the walls were prone to getting knocked out of place. I decided to retrofit rare earth magnets in the base of the walls, these keep the walls lined up and together.

With a limited number of jigs I had to switch to making some of the buildings to keep busy whilst pieces dried.

Next time… More detail on the Guest House area.

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