Uri makes a run for it

A game of Spectre Operations played on Friday 15th February. Arthurs Russian OPG vs Glenns GRU. Somewhere in Russia.
All figures are by Spectre miniatures.

Uri is unhappy, things haven’t been going too well recently in the Russian mobster business and he’s having to give up some of his territory to another OPG (organised crime group) led by the young and ambitious Sergei.

As part of the process his mob boss has told him to split some of his arms cache down and give some of the weapons to his competitor. The handover was due to happen in this ruined church. But the Sergei’s OPG hasn’t shown up.

Meanwhile things are going to take a turn for the worst for Uri, elite GRU agent Olga acting on a tip off is preparing her GRU unit to apprehend (aka eliminate) Uri’s OPG.

Is Sergei the originator of the tip off? Is Olga taking money from the ambitious young crime lord? Will Uri survive the day?

The GRU started the scenario alert and the OPG unalert. The suppressed AK74s make quick work of the sentries. However even suppressed everyone within the first range interval of 24″ becomes alerted.

The GRU were organised into two fire teams and respected the cohesion rules. I set the OPG up to depict a narrative scene and this caused minor issues with rules that involve cohesion. When a character dies any suppression transfers to members of their section. We house ruled it and it wasn’t an issue.

The firefight quickly starts to go the GRUs way. Uri didn’t get to his age in the mobster business without recognising when a tactical withdrawal might be the wise thing.

Uri makes a run for it and leaves his crew to face the music. I said the wily Uri would evade the FLIR of the GRU helicopter flying in to support on a roll of a 6 which he managed! Uri survives to plan his revenge…

Another good learning game flowed well and no big problems.

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