Operation Jungle Storm

A game of Spectre Operations played on 20th February 2019. Lawrence and Glenn’s Nigerian International Security Assistance Force’ (NISAF) vs Arthurs Anti-government militia (AGM). In the Nigerian jungle.

Unfortunately there was a minor breakdown in comms in team skirmish Preston and I had brought some terrain suitable for Afghanistan and a large contingent of Empress and Eureka Taliban figures. Lawrence provided the scenario and it was the second mission from the Spectre Operations Jungle Supplement which is set in Nigeria!

Adapt, improvise and overcome… We setup the terrain as per the mission map in the supplement as best we could. The clearing in the jungle being delineated by a ring of terrain and lichen. We used 4 buildings (I had made a bit of a farm with some walls before I actually read the mission and understood that the Jungle Canopy rules were in play.) and a rocky outcropping made for the hill for the NISAF overwatch team as outlined in the mission.

The Taliban… AGM setup in the clearing, 4 two man teams on patrol, a ten man squad in the open and a 10 man QRF squad in the largest building.

The NISAF over watch team set up hidden in it’s perch with a great view of the clearing. The SAS (figures by Spectre Miniatures, paint by Lawrence) decided to send teams of 2 down each side around the camp.

The NISAF objective was to identify 4 high value targets (HVTs) milling around the clearing by scanning them (a Command phase option open to any model). I had marked 4 figures on the underside of their base to denote who the HVTs were. The rules restrict how the HVTs may go in the buildings. I put 3 HVTs in the 10 man squad milling around and one of the two man patrols was the fourth HVT. My idea was to have the 10 man team split and manage to have a HVT moving into buildings and try to make scanning them difficult that way.

I wasn’t aware of the detail of the scanning rules and Glenn opted to scan the 10 man squad, the scan affects a 4″ square area, and in two scans was able to scan the whole ten man squad.
3 of the 4 HVTs were immediately identified!

One of the two man AGM patrols was able to detect Lawrences team moving through the jungle whilst on the other flank Glenns team crossed one of my two 6″ jingly trip wires and the patrol team being within 6″ were alerted.

The following turn the AGM very unexpectedly won the initiative and with two patrols becoming alert, the fireworks started.

My patrol engaging Lawrence’s team made an error in that they both engaged the same target, each firing two shots with their AKs, but being Elite operatives the SAS can only get up to 2 suppression markers. On the patrol engaging Glenn’s team I managed to get one of them into over watch. The patrol not managing a hit but putting 2 suppression on one SAS model in their movement phase and 2 more on the other team member in the firing phase. Lawrence’s team retorted by killing one of my AGM outright and putting a light wound on the other.

The sounds of gunfire alerted everyone in the clearing including the AGM QRF inside the building. The SAS overwatch team opened up with UGL and SAW to provide cover for the NISAF team to withdraw from contact.

Another solid learning game. The effect of 40mm grenades differs between Spectre Operations and Skirmish Sangin and there was a few comments about the cover gained from being in the jungle. I’m holding off commenting for now preferring to get a few more games in and hopefully get a better handle on the game. In any case it was a very enjoyable scenario.

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