Alpine Tundra Attack

Operators are sent to an Insurgent training facility somewhere in Northern Europe.

Sitrep suggests up to a dozen insurgents in the area.

Operators sneak in to avoid the two roving patrols.

With enemy in the open the order is given to engage.

Bravo opens up with the grenade launcher but misses wildly in the blustery conditions.

Charlie takes over and double taps the nearest insurgent. The two renaming patrolled become alerted and move towards cover. Bravo and Charlie take them down before they make it.

To the North Alpha, Delta and Echo sweep around the second patrol. They take all 3 out in short order.

In return they are engaged by a third squad now actively searching for targets.

Delta goes down to an unseen firer behind a cargo container.

His colleagues patch him up before dispatching another 3 insurgents.

With 75% of the Insurgent force taken out the remaining 3 disappear into the surrounding landscape.

Objective secure.

More Spectre Operations fun

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