Spectre Operations – Ambush!

A game of Spectre Operations played on 8th February 2019. Lawrence’s Private Military Contractors provide security to a group of engineers. Arthur and Glenns Taliban lie in ambush

We decided to have a go at the shooting vs vehicles rules, slightly impromptu game so we had to go with what figures and terrain was around.

The basic setup for the game was 3 soft skinned vehicles driving down the road with two groups of 5 Taliban ready to ambush. We just wanted to play through the rules.

Glenn and I setup our teams at either end of the board and the basic idea of hitting the lead and rear vehicles with RPGs and then seeing how small arms fire from the AKs and RPKs would fair.

Glenn engaged the vehicles in his fire phase after the convoys first movement onto the board.

This ended up with the rearmost vehicle being knocked out by the RPG and the middle vehicle taking casualties and a lot of suppression markers.

In the second turn movement the convoy spreads out out as the vehicles that had been hit slowed down as part of the damage taken.

My RPG guy is in overwatch and hits the lead vehicle, scoring a hit and killing everyone in the passenger compartment.

The errata on overwatch states you have to shoot immediately at the first enemy to come into view. In the case of an ambush I think some allowance to wait until the ambush is truly sprung makes more sense

As the second and third turn movement takes place the Spectre Operations rules do a great job of providing a believable set of outcomes for the taken out vehicles.

The front and rear most vehicles come to a halt and the van hit the wall and rolled. My Taliban unit runs in to finish off and loot the lead vehicle.

My men are still looting the lead vehicle when a nearby patrol/QRF come in to secure what remains of the convoy.

I felt there needed to be a two stage process to firing at vehicles, a separation of the to hit and penetration for armoured vehicles. The rules started to make a lot less sense to me.

That said it was only our first try at vehicle rules and we’ll be sure to give it another try on another day.

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