Recent games with Spectre Operations 2nd Edition

After what seemed to be not a long wait at all, the 2nd Edition Spectre Operations rules landed with us in Preston.

I’ve been distracted playing Warhammer 40K recently and a visit to Salute, I thought I’d just throw up some pics of recent games. It’s too early to come up with detailed opinions but the initial response to the rules update so far is very positive.

We laid out our first game on a 2’x4′ simple layout with Myself, Glenn and Lawrence deploying teams of 4 operators emerging from vehicles and trying to kill each other for no particular reason. There was no narrative, just a desire to give the rules a go and see how things like the new suppression worked.

We ran with our guys being professional and able to work alone, this changes the way suppression is allocated, in our second game we made a point of playing with fire teams and squads.

From my starting position I put two of my guys in overwatch and planned to tactically move towards Glenns position. As luck would have it one of my runners failed his agility roll to cross the wall. The other guy made it to some bushes for cover but suffered some overwatch suppression from Glenns team and a light wound.

Lawrence set up an LMG as a firebase and sent one guy forward using some handy nearby cover and two guys combat sprinted across the road to come down the cover on that flank.

Glenns guys went into overwatch. At this point we could see advantages to putting all of your guys into overwatch in the command phase, the way we read it you could do that and if no overwatch fire was triggered drop the overwatch and later move and/or shoot.

We played through our first game at a steady pace and the main impression I came away with was that the rules were much easier to find and the cross referencing in the rules was very helpful.

Our second game was a more structured scenario. Glenn and Lawrence took 3 members each of an ODA team in Afghanistan. Whilst on the move to an unspecified primary objective they’ve been directed to intercept a caravan of carts and goats travelling across their path.

The ODA are tasked with a routine stop and check and to covertly place a tracker on one of the carts. Once the tracker is covertly placed carry on with their original mission by exiting the opposite board edge.

The ODA have the support of an off table sniper team. We used this to try out the off table assets rules and it made sense they’d have some overwatch covering their advance.

The caravan figures are Eureka Miniatures. The rocky outcrop terrain is of Lawrences making, usually seen on Infinity tables.

Meanwhile, two squads of Taliban and a command group are moving in to confront the ODA. Figures mostly Empress with one or two Spectre miniatures.

Glenns team took up a high overwatch position, whilst Lawrence moved out to stop and chat with the caravan. As the organiser/umpire of the game, I hadn’t done a scenario specific civilian reaction chart. We made up somethings on the fly. The ODA team were not fooled by the story they got about why the caravan was carrying so much fuel to the next village, but allowed the caravan to pass anyway whilst successfully placing a GPS tracker on one of the carts undetected.

We allowed the sniper overwatch team a scan roll in the command phase to spot the on coming Taliban. Once spotted Lawrences ODA team moved to ambush the Taliban coming through a choke point in the rocks whilst Glenn kept his high overwatch point.

The cover rules in Spectre don’t allow models to go prone or gain any cover when stood on a rocky outcrop as Glenns guys were. As the warrior Imams team crested their rise there was an exchange of fire and whilst the Taliban came off worst, one of Glenns team suffered a serious wound and was going to bleed out in 5 turns. The yellow die in the picture above is suppression applied to the whole fire team of 3.

I hadn’t done a custom non combatant reaction table, but we made some reasonable choices up and rolled dice. Most of the civilians ran off in their original direction whilst the goat herders turned tail. Some simple dice checks to see if civilians were hit in the crossfire would have been a good scenario touch.

This was what the scenario was about. Lawrence’s ambush and sniper fire put a lot of suppression on this squad. They passed two command checks and failed a third to be come suppressed. I had a feeling that deaths in the group wasn’t impacting the morale of the group as heavily as I’d expect in the new rules, something I’ll keep an eye on as we get more games in.

After two games of Spectre Operations 2nd Edition the verdict with Team Skirmish Preston is very positive. The next scenario is being put on by Lawrence, all we have so far is this:

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