Rainbow 6 vs Sean Grady

After a long break from playing Spectre Operations we needed a simple skirmish to get back into the rules. The figures are a mix of Spectre and The Assault Group.

The terrain is what we normally use for Bolt Action and Chain of Command to represent a village near the SAS base in Hereford.

A normally quiet village near the Rainbow 6 base of operations Hereford

A quick scenario idea based on the book Rainbow 6. An IRA cell led by Sean Grady have been enlisted by Popov a freelance fixer working for the Horizon Corporation has been hired to strike at Rainbow 6 to distract them from taking an interest in the upcoming Australian olympics.

Part of Gradys plan is to ambush the family of one of the Rainbow 6 team with a road side explosive. Unfortunately his plan goes awry with the explosives going off prematurely catching a poor civilian driving by. Grady takes the badly shaken up driver hostage.

Grady plans a hasty ambush of the first responders followed by a get away to the next part of his plan at the hospital.

It doesn’t take long before John Clark, some visiting Global Response Staff and 3 SAS troopers arrive in a landrover.

The IRA cell score some lucky hits on the SAS Troopers taking casulaties themselves. The IRA sniper never gets a clear shot at anything.

John Clark and the GRS operatives move up the other side of the road and around the buildings.

The remaining SAS move up the road.

Grady decides to make a run for his parked van but crossing the road almost proves fatal. Sean is badly wounded, the gun man cuffs the hostage unconscious and drags Sean towards their van.

The IRAs defense has collapsed and the GRS gun them down as they retreat. The sniper manages to get away but the wounded Sean is captured and stabilised for interrogation.

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