Hillside confrontation

Tonights terrain was created using geo-hex, I believe its still being produced , I acquired mine in the early ’90s when a friend sold me his collection. It is great for undulating terrain, I use scatter terrain and lichen to help disguise the gaps between hex pieces.

Lawrence arranged a nice little scenario for us. Two 3 man teams meet on the side of a valley. Each team has different orders.

The operators started from the river and the contractors in a land rover nearer the top of the valley.

The operators make their way cautiously up the hillside, the lay of the land funnelling them into a nasty little killzone. They try and spot the scout in the command phase but he’s nowhere to be seen.

The contractors make use of the landrover to seize the high ground and what follows is a bit of a turkey shoot.

The noise of the firefight brings out the scout, but by the time he arrives it is already too late.

The operator team tries to use smoke to retreat away but luck isn’t with them and the team and the scout are wiped out.

3 thoughts on “Hillside confrontation

    1. Cheers, been getting loads done but dropped out of the habit of posting on here – I’ll try and get back into the flow… We’d always be interested in new rules to play with!


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