Building the Beast (Spectre Miniatures LTV)

Our trip to Vapnartak 2019 led us straight to the Spectre stand to pick up some new goodies.

Amongst the goodies on offer was their brand new vehicle the LTV (light tactical vehicle). This is the US Militaries replacement for the Humvee, but is also attracting interest from other countries including the UK.

Enough of this. Let’s get to the model.

On the right is the turret I bought to go with this. The RWS Land Warfare turret. I don’t know much about this, I was just advised to get one by my fellow bloggers. There are plenty of guns on there so hopefully it will work well “in game”.

Some of the best resin castings I have had my hands on. The banana barrel was easily sorted with the old hot water trick.

I can’t believe how easy this was to put together. Top quality kit.

Just had to tidy up where the resin had been poured in.

The hardest part was working out which way up the foot plates went.

Next up…..painting it.