Spectre Operations – Warehouse Raid

The intercept went badly and the pursuit led to a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Two teams of 4 operators arrived at speed and no doubt annoyed with how the operation had gone to this point, argued with each other on how to proceed.

Signals from a higher echelon told them to get a move on. Group Arthur would enter from the back of the warehouse and group Glenn from the front through the office. The group at the front parked behind the van to prevent it being used to escape. The van was then searched and a ‘device’ found under the van was defused. Two operators accessed the roof to gain some intel before the building was entered. It was noted that there were a number of armed suspects awaiting their arrival, plus what looked like a hostage at the rear of the warehouse.

The assault was launched simultaneously with the group at the rear ‘explosively’ entering the building, clearing the immediate area around the door. (having watched too many of Keanu’s John Wick training videos, the words “explosively” and “dynamically” were used a lot) The front group threw a stun grenade into the enclosed space of the office and took out the suspect waiting there in short order.

having watched too many of Keanu’s John Wick training videos, the words “explosively” and “dynamically” were used a lot

The elite nature of the assaulters meant the defenders were in big trouble as their practiced double taps took down their numbers with efficiency. “Wheelie”, the operator from assault team Arthur that had accessed the roof, shuffled forward to get a better look at the hostage. The two people guarding the hostage looked much more highly trained.

As “Wheelie” tried to feed the information through the radio he glimpsed the flash of a red dot and was catastrophically hit in the neck. The only sound he could make the gurgle of his own blood in his throat. Arthur moved forward to investigate the duo with the hostage further and was wounded by an expert shot. He shuffled to the corner and the medic Jack stemmed the bleeding with a well packed trauma kit.

The black suited leader man-handled the hostage towards the back door and the remaining suspects moved to clear the escape to the waiting Land Rover. Specialist “Lucy” had set up a claymore for just such an attempt. Under a hail of fire “Lucy” tapped the detonator. The explosion shredding 2 suspects and badly damaging the Land Rover.

With the remainder of the Operators closing in the boss and his bodyguard ‘explosively’ exited the warehouse door. The boss dropped “Lucy” with an accurate pistol shot. His bodyguard was less deadly and was able only to briefly suppress the advancing operators.

The operators closed in for the kill. The hostage left alone, trembling on his knees.

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