Laying down the foundations

It all started in December 2017 when I decided to build a 28mm scale model of the compound assaulted by SEAL Team 6 in operation Neptune Spear.

Although there are articles online with detailed plans with dimensions, I noticed that some of these plans were contradictory and the best source of a scale plan available to me was the satellite view of the compound.

In Dec 2017 the view looked like this:

The compound as it was shown in December 2017

Today, the area has become more built up, whilst the compound itself has been flattened:

UBL Compound recent
The area of the compound as shown today

To create my 28mm model I scaled the satellite image to 1/56th scale on a 6′ x 4′ sized canvas in Corel Draw, the drawing application my chinese K40 Laser Cutter uses.

The image scaled in Corel Draw and the outlines of walls and buildings being traced.
A close up view of what will be the of the wall and building bases.

Once I had the bases of the walls and buildings drawn out, I then arranged the shapes onto A4 sized pages for my A4 laser cutter to cut the 2mm MDF sheet.

Bases of walls laid out to be cut out of an A4 MDF sheet. The circles are just 25mm discs which I base my 28mm figures on.

As the parts were cut I laid them out to get a better sense of the size of the model and I couldn’t resist putting a few figures out to see how the space would play.

The bases for the walls and guest house area laid out.
There was some guesswork and also a little artistic licence used to make the model more interesting to play skirmish games in.

I haven’t got an image of the main building and media building bases, so for now we’ll call the foundations complete!

Next time… The Jig is up!

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